Brother Hash’s Current Sound shaped by his Performances on Bourbon St.
4 Days a Week; 4 Hours per Day; For 4 Mardi Gras Seasons and counting…
3-6 hours of music per performance (16+hrs of music all together)
1hr of each specific artist ; Hendrix/Led Zep/Beatles/PRINCE + ORIGINAL

Spogga : Brother Hash Performances Only Require:




“Spogga Brings People Together and Pulls Attention to The Stage”

With one iconic dred lock falling from the back of his head past his waist, Spogga (M. Spogga Hashway)’s artistry is a reflection of the life he lives,  the pain he has overcome and the experiences he creates.

Spogga Hash is the ultimate live-music artist who has dedicated his whole life to expanding the horizons of his artistry.  Grown out of what he calls the “unpicked flower” of the US,  Providence, RI, he survives as a true independent artist.  He is a Singer/ Songwriter,  GUITARIST and FIRE DANCER that tours globally.  His journey of artistic expansion currently relocated him to a place where music and culture are focal points to life,  NEW ORLEANS!!! 

He bases his musical style on Bruce Lee’s The Style of No Style – where every style of martial arts was mastered in order kick all ass – and Spogga proves himself to be a genre defying artist.  This quality is his greatest strength in the world of live music,  however,  for people trying to describe Spogga to friends this can be a difficult task.

Sponge Spogga Square Dance has worked with house music producers and DJs (Mike Hoska,  Sullivan Room NYC),  Hip Hop Acts,  Jam Bands,  Jazz,  Prog Rock,  Pop,  Reggae, and  Afro Cuban Acts. As a kid, he started simply with Heavy Metal and Rock and Roll.  Being dubbed musical director of The Spot Providence he would help assist jams at the award winning night “Creation Tuesday” where musicians looked forward to performing with this multi-talented artist.

Exploring BLUEGRASS, GYPSY JAZZ and FREE JAZZ, Spring 2017,  Spogga is honing in on an extraordinary live sound while finalizing production of a Double Album sitting on 4 Albums of unreleased material… which is none of the above. ? !

It’s all rock and roll to me, baby” ~Spogga

In the first decade of the 21st century,  Spogga developed a fascinating solo act incorporating cover music mash-ups (BROTHER HASH MASH-UPS) and original compositions featuring his soulful, soaring vocals and provocative lyrics dealing with world events and the liberation of the human spirit.

To experience SPOGGA HASH LIVE is to witness BEATBOX and LIVE VOCAL REMIXING with DJ SCRATCHING SOUND effects done raw, with his voice. Powerful and soulful vocals, effortless MC flows and freestyles, fluid guitar riffs, solos, rhythms, guitar pounded beats with turntable scratching on the low strings. There is a performance on line where he plays the National Anthem with a violin bow.  Building songs with vocal harmonies and such using analog loopers until 2010 when he began looping in the Ableton Live program with the guidance of contemporary artist and good friend, Mike Hoska.

National Anthem and Analog Loopers

As technique always should second the simplicity of song and sound,  Spogga’s approach developed through his personal experiences.  “I was playing shows 4 nights a week for 4 hours a night; I started getting bored with covers done exactly as the original artist. I felt a lack of integrity when that was done so I began blending songs based on key and chord progression and then I just started singing particular raps or melodies where ever it felt right. I started to act as a DJ rather than a live act who stops between songs.”

The fact that in the year 2000 Spogga was one of the first known Fire Dancing artists in his area is a prime example of the torch he holds for the Providence arts communities he represents. (,, www,

Starting with Best Avant act in 2004, despite many downfalls including slicing the tendon in left hand and getting his studio laptops stolen, Spogga persists and has continued to win performance awards throughout the years.

“I’ve always been fascinated by artists who claimed to produce and perform their own material and as a solo musician I now see how hard that can be. I am currently using Ableton Live and developing what I guess would be called LIVE MUSIC PRODUCTION. Hopefully, in 2012 I will be making albums and mixes live from the stage without losing the edge of LIVE performance.”

*Goal accomplished !  Studio Laptop STOLEN ! AGAIN in the summer of 2012.  Demos online*

An artist at heart,  the innovative LOOPING techniques Spogga began developing back in 2000 has now been re-assessed with his new “RAW DOG” style of NO ELECTRONICS. NO LOOPERS. Summer of 2012 in frustration of his technical production equipment being stolen,  Spogga now uses his BEATBOX for bass lines and drums at the same time… and adds a percussive guitar- (palm, bass drum, snaps and pop snare with fingers) as he sings his heart out.  This has for sure proven to be a more impressive show!  Spogga calls this Electronica Unplugged.

Spogga has been touring as much as possible since his first indy release, Universitility in 1998.  A true self-produced Independent Artist,  he gets booked on the word of mouth of the people who have seen, believe and want to share the joy of his performance with the people they know.


Sting Spogga Narada Tim

Sting Spogga Narada Tim

Every year gets more exiting, from working along side Sting and T. Jahnigen (One World Futbol) at a Narada Michael Walden event to his residencies and touring schedule.  Spogga has been booked since 2008 to return to the Kazantip Festival by Sullivan Room NYC, who has scouted Spogga and includes him at special events; including WMC MIAMI (2007, 2008, and 2010). This incorporates tours though Ukraine each summer as demand for Spogga has increased to returning 3-4 times a year.  This has also led to starring in an international film overseas called “Don’t Worry”.

Spogga Hash is probably one of the only solo acts who can sing and perform Queen’s,  BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY in its entirety,  note for note,  upon this planet.  Maybe not!?  Can you?

Upon the sudden death of his eldest brother,  William “HASH” Hashway in 2007,  Hash left him over 6000 8 Tracks (remember those?).  Spogga, the artist,  began making 8 Track collages in celebration of his brother’s life.  He sees connections to his brother through making of the art,  and one piece,  The Black Ouija Spogga feel’s was guided by his eldest brothers hand in the making.


Spogga Angelfire

Spogga Angelfire

On top of music
and sculptural art,
Spogga has been star performer and fire dancing curator of the internationally acclaimed Providence Waterfire for over 10 years now.


Post Waterfire Wall Lighting

Post Waterfire Wall Lighting

Please,  take time into uncovering the depth of this artist.  Spogga Hash’s art depends on people like you sharing what he gives as Inspiration. Those who believe in his artistry always receive an energy and outlook that is unique and incomparable.

“Music is the top priority in my life.  I play like my life depends on it because it does.  I’ve left my heart wide open,  neither married nor had any children in order to push my creativity to the edge of insanity and back.  I am constantly re-vamping, strengthening my technique and learning new songs as well as new ways to produce live. Either way, I will be doing this until the day I die.”

When that day comes, rest assured, God and The Devil will kiss and become lovers under the deep appreciation of Spogga’s musical artistry and the world will be a better place for all of humankind.

Become a part of Spogga’s LovEvoLuTion! Share your thoughts on his new interactive website where you can receive downloads,  art and video of firedancing.  Especially upon booking shows in your area,  become a part of the buzz of this unique artist by sharing his unpredictable style with your friends.

Dig it.  It’s deep.


Spogga is from the future, he was doing then what people are doing now along with more stuff that to this day, no one else does.”  ~ Adam Newell (Musician)
 “Spogga auditioned with a non stop 20 minute set during the house band’s break to a packed house. The next day I booked him 3 days a week for our 4:30pm-8:30pm happy hour sets at my venue.”   ~ Skip Watts –  Killington Mountain, VT
 “Well,  I just started doing things with a looper pedal, but really, anyone I see using loopers today I have to stop and say to myself,   I remember Spogga getting into this in 2000.”  ~ Sasquatch 
Spogga has a home with us!”  ~David at Dmac’s NOLA
Spogga always amazes me at the rate he reinvents himself.  I have his 8 Track Art up at our newest venue and in my home.  We have him perform music with touring bands and as often as possible!  I see how each show breathes on it’s own.  The talent he leads with the music he produces equals an energy and atmosphere that is priceless.”

~ Nick Cardi – The Spot  (

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