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WHY DOES AN ARTIST DO WHAT HE or SHE DOES?  It is taking me a while to figure myself out because at the age of 11 I was recording music with friends mostly to make each other laugh, however, we liked to taking on hard musical pieces and challenging each other to write all the time.

An artist should do his art with no ulterior motive other than the art itself.  However, Bourbon St. helped me learn more about performing by setting ego aside.  I perform for people of all different cultures and opinions unbiased.  In the past, my 4 hour shows often contained a “party attitude” and I would often drink during performances.  I have realized my “sensitive artist”, shy side needed that to deal with judgement and being in the public eye.  Ultimately, besides that profound energy of music which I need to explore on a serious level, I have found that I love making people laugh.  On Bourbon St. I tell them it is a “Comedy Show”. 

We release our true selves inside of the experience of raw art.  I do my best to inspire people to live to the fullest by unlocking emotions which hold us in common to the human experience.  Whether that be love, anger, joy or sorrow, I tie it together with an insane sense of humor and an imagination which grows with the edge of this universe stretching on.

Music is Magic. Energy in Motion.

TheSpotI grew as an artist with places such as the unjuried arts community, AS220, collaborating with Broad Street Studios, HipHop 220 and being blown away by new artists each month.  My touring experience and willingness to expand lead me to performing nationally acclaimed events such as WATERFIRE where, after the release of my first, self produced album,  “UniVersitility”, in 1998, I performed as a musical artist.  I am now noted as being “The Face of Waterfire” in the new Waterfire documentary,  “Art and Soul of a City”.

I would say most people in the Northeast USA know me for being one of the first known Firedancing artists in the area.  It was rooted in New Zealand and I had the fortune of  learning it from the Phoenix Rising Firedancers in 1999 while on a music tour in Santa Cruz, CA.  
Back before 2008 there were no iPhones.  I am lucky my friend,  Brian,  posted this next video back in ’06.  This is an example of my performance incorporating LOOPING TECHNIQUES I no longer use.   Guess ya had to be there.  😉



Spogga Ablton Live Set Up

Spogga Ableton Live Set Up

I have been performing live and recording since I was 11 years of age. Both, my shows and recordings have evolved and morphed into so many sounds I can pull from on a whim.  Now,  added with Firedancing I am usually requested AND ENJOY! performing AT LEAST 3 events a week.

I first started looping my guitar ’99-’00 and as 2010 rolled in my influence while working with the genius, producer, programer, DJ, friend and contemporary, Mike Hoska,  stretched me into using Ableton Live to record and sync Beatbox rhythms to Guitar Sounds creating a full sounding song, live before your eyes.  After having TWO studio laptops STOLEN in the past 4 years (the latest in May), I have developed a new sound which I call “Electronica Unplugged”.  It started from the idea to somehow perform with only a mic and acoustic guitar yet still sound like a whole band or even a DJ. BUT NO MORE LOOPS!  This not only simplified my set up but more importantly has strengthened my performance immensely!  It is great to see people look for electronics at my feet… awww and that was so fun for me.  :)  Now, I simply play with all twelve fingers! 😉

My biggest hurtle is also my greatest strength, the fact that I DO A LOT OF THINGS!  We have found that those who know me as a FIREDANCER don’t know me as a MUSICIAN and visa versa. On top of that my new HASHART 8Track sculptures have been requested at Julian’s on Broadway as well as Aspire at The Hotel Providence.  This site, with the ability to share BLOGs like this, gives us the opportunity explain why I have been such a valued artist in this global community in which we all live.



Not For Sale



Aspire Restaurant at Hotel Providence had been having me perform music from 8pm-12am every Saturday for over a year.  My journey now leads me to a place which music is a focal point to all of life… NEW ORLEANS!  I have already been accepted into my new neighborhood performing regularly at DMacs and Holy Ground in Mid City.

Mardi Gras 2013 I performed the world famous Apple Barrel on Frenchman St. as well as Old Opera House where I am still, currently, performing 4 days a week.

Thank you to all who have expressed your interest in my art and have shown your appreciation for my work. Being an independent artist is a choice I have made to show integrity and sacrifice toward the craft. Sometimes promotion,  working on websites and booking shows can take precedent over practicing, writing and recording. Your involvement through word of mouth and sharing my music, video and imagery with your friends helps greatly.  I have over 4,500 facebook friends and only 2,000 fans on my music page.  In a lot of ways that means more to me than anything!  for it shows I have moved each of these people in a personal way that is honest.

Please make sure to “like” my Music page and share it as it helps with management and venue acceptance.

You may have been in the room (especially my 4 hour shows on Bourbon Street) when I read a crowd subconsciously (Why did I play THAT song!?).  I believe I naturally have been more of a spiritual being because music is frequency and vibration, energy and information.  Since I live it every day I think I have reached a point of auto pilot where the music becomes my way to communicate that which is beyond words.  As a meditation, listening to where the music leads us, to the environment, to my heart and gut all aids in connecting with people from all over the world with the language of music.

I dedicate my life to preserving that part of me.  Namaste.

Follow me into the LovEvoLution. Share me with your friends…

Peace, Love and Anarchy,



GLOBAL COMMUNITY INDEED… After performing the Kazantip Festival 4 times on the Black Sea, Yalta, Ukraine,  I was asked to star in an independent film which shows the interwoven lives of artists from NYC, Barcelona and Ukraine.  I hope to someday find the support to help to create an American release.  Here is the trailer… Enjoy. 

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