New Orleans is THE PLACE to BE ! Travelers from all around the globe are digging Spogga's new sound, ELECTRONICA UNPLUGGED. The New Album, "IndyPenDance" is currently in development. Go to the music page on this site to hear some of the first demo mixes. Brother Hash performs Old Opera House on Bourbon Street MON THRU THURS (check SHOWS) for over two MARDI GRAS SEASONS!!! This leaves us open for weekend tours and other venues that are exited to showcase Spogga's talent. 2014 has brought us through NOLA, NY, RI, Savannah, GA, San Diego, LA, Oregon and Waterfires in PA and RI. The end of 2014 is all about finishing the album. Thank you for keeping up. ~ONE LOVE

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Sullivan Room Kiev


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EXPERIENCE is the SOURCE of all BRILLIANCE Spogga Hash is an Independent Artist and gets booked by word of mouth… here are some of the venues he has performed.   […]


Story of a SonG

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Personal Story of Galaxies Colliding… This new track was written for a true love.  It is about two souls who orbit life with one another,  sometimes away from and sometimes […]

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What Have you Missed? Dig Spogga Hash’s Scene!

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Well, Well, Well… looks like we have a great new interactive site for people to dig my scene with. What is MY SCENE!?  Well, it incorperates a lot of cooperation […]


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